The importance of trade fairs as essential sales and communication tools on the one hand, and the need to protect the environment on the other, represent two important issues that today are increasingly driving companies to make sustainable choices when realisign their booths at trade fairs.

Recent events are showing us how sustainability is a highly sensitive issue. In particular, sustainability is becoming more and more important in event planning and trade fair participations. For this reason, it has become urgent to adapt to the emerging standard guidelines on sustainable event management.


The proven success of trade fair events as key market places have led to an ever-growing popularity of shows and fairs globally over the last 10 years. Despite their importance, large-scale industrial events have substantial environmental impact and are responsible for emissions in all environmental compartments.

Henoto has chosen to be the bearer of a paradigm shift: In 2013, following a study on the environmental impact of the production system and subsequent compensation (LCA), Henoto was awarded the CO2 Neutral label by the Ministry of the Environment.

Henoto Production System is fully digital, 100% scalable and 100% sustainable integrated system conceived for the exhibition world.

Discover how booths can be designed as sustainably as possible through our Cover Up and Tools technology.