Henoto technologies

Henoto technology: over 30 years of excellence.

Within Henoto we implement a constant research and development process aimed at guaranteeing the best technological-constructive solutions dedicated to each business sector. Tools such as CoverUp and Tempo are patented, precisely for the principles of innovation that we follow every day. Thanks to all the Henoto's tools and skills, we are able to create semi-finished and finished products of absolute accuracy.

Henoto technology: over 30 years of excellence.

All’interno di Henoto attuiamo un costante processo di ricerca e sviluppo volto a garantire le migliori soluzioni tecnologico-costruttive dedicate ad ogni settore di business.
Proprio per questo, e per i principi d’innovazione che percorriamo ogni giorno, tools come CoverUp e Tempo sono brevettati. Grazie ad essi, a tutti gli strumenti e le competenze presenti all’interno di Henoto, siamo in grado di realizzare semilavorati e prodotti finiti di assoluta accuratezza.


The future of staging

CoverUp is the modular system to create from the small totem to the large pavilion, from the corner to the stand, to the fairs that take place with the single-set-up formula: a highly innovative and integrated system for configuring light architectures in a sustainable crossover of materials and technology.


CoverUp is a revolutionary technique in its method: the usual techniques are replaced by a kit panel. The surfaces are in graphic fabric. They eliminate any painting and finishing operation on site. CoverUp is available in 4 different thicknesses (40 mm, 45 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm) and multiple variants.

CoverUp changes the approach to fittings, a series of profiles, easily configurable thanks to dedicated accessories and solutions. It creates frames/structures that are covered with a wide range of fabrics or printed fabrics.

Textile solutions that create infinite moods, textures, materials and precise finishes.


Aluminium is an extremely light and resistant material, therefore adaptable to multiple shapes and uses. Aluminium can be repeatedly recycled while maintaining the quality of the original product.


The CoverUp fabric is a flexible organic material. It is ideal for printing thanks to its excellent toughness and resilience, its high resistance to abrasion and its good resistance to chemical and physical agents.

CoverUp 40

The CoverUp 40 profile is the right technology for setting up interior spaces. Thanks to the product modularity. It is possible to create any setup considering the spaces' specific characteristics. All this by investing in the undisputed quality of the product.

CoverUp 45

The CoverUp 45 profile is the technology to adopt in case of external fittings. This technology also allows the implementation of structures that develop at a considerable height.

CoverUp 80

The CoverUp 80 profile is the ideal solution for creating large hanging banners and ceilings: a particularly suitable configuration for indoor conference rooms, showrooms and large illuminated backdrops. The extruded aluminium profile has a section of 80x40mm, three chambers and six rails. Structures with this profile can also be infilled with sound absorption technologies to keep sound reverberation in large spaces under control.

CoverUp 120

The CoverUp 120 profile is helpful for large installations or solutions where the scenography requires the insertion of LED light strips.