For the first time Henoto, international reality rooted in Italian design, active in the world of exhibitions, events, temporary architecture and windows display, will take part in EuroShop 2023 (Düsseldorf, 26 February - 2 March), where it will present the new business lines HPS and HYP in absolute preview..

The exhibition area is an application storytelling that speaks to B2B partners and B2C customers

The exhibition area is an application storytelling that tells two stories aimed at different targets. The first is entitled 'Improve your business' and explains to B2B visitors the birth of Henoto Production System (HPS), the integrated production system dedicated to the world of exhibition, scalable, 100% digital and automated. An original project based on Henoto’s desire to develop an international network through the affiliation of productive partners who decide to adopt HPS in their organization, creating a worldwide network dedicated to the world of exhibition. 

To these companies Henoto offers the possibility to use a production system compliant with industry 4.0, eco-sustainable, fully digital and automated, consisting of: Henoto Portal, Henoto Tools and Henoto Supply Chain.

Companies that will join the network will be able to use the platform Henoto Portal to look for suggestions and inspirations in a database with more than 1 million renders and photos of projects made by Henoto over the years. In addition, they will have the advantage of being able to use Henoto Tools, exclusive technologies and modular elements, eco-sustainable and patented elements. Among these: modular frames in aluminium and organic fabric CoverUp; modular systems for temporary and reconfigurable architectures Tempo; the wallpapers Baboon that reinterpret spaces with a multi-sensory decoration approach; frames Glowbox with programmable and dynamic led backlight to create storytelling of strong appeal. Once the project has been defined, the production phase can be carried out in synergy with the Supply Chain of Henoto based on the use of sustainable 4.0 technologies.

Hyperspace (HYP), the turnkey service that allows brands to customize spaces.

To designers, architects and companies who will visit Euroshop, Henoto presents in preview Hyperspace (HYP), the turnkey service that allows brands to customize spaces, indoor and outdoor, with new generation, efficient and sustainable solutions.

A process that starts from the consulting phases for the design of the space to be enhance up to the installation of the project through a process of Industry 4.0 digital, automated and sustainable. Hyperspace, in fact, is based on the philosophyThe Neutral Way philosophy' by Henoto, which aims to enhance the exhibition areas of customers respecting the planet. Henoto applies The Neutral Way to the four areas of intervention: Exhibit - creativity and technology at the service of exhibition booths; Temporary Structures - customizable temporary modular architectures characterized by functionality, advanced technologies and refined design; Contract - tailor-made luxury solutions for emotional spaces; Retail - design and construction of installations and decorations for stores, windows display and temporary structures.

With Euroshop the partnership between Henoto and LAGO continues

Born on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2022 when the leading Italian furniture company designed and launched Good House, a project that has revolutionized the classic exhibition booth by reducing 87% greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. CO2).

Good House was founded by LAGO in collaboration with the University of Padua as the result of a tireless search for increasingly sustainable solutions, both in terms of product and business" - says Daniele Lago, CEO & Head of Design at LAGO Spa. "I am happy that this project can take new directions, because the challenge we have to fight is declined in many aspects and every opportunity is such also to create new models of sustainability”.

On the occasion of Euroshop, LAGO provided some of its furniture to set up the stand of the company Henoto, a new exhibition space to communicate the wide range of company values.